LevelSpeed provide software technology and solutions government or private sector, enterprise ,small or large business, university or educational institution, medical facilities or pharmacy management and solution.

1- Industrial

Textiles complete employee and accounting and management system include production to delivery and management for inventory provide you complete order and invoices and backlog tracing your client progress individual or group. We develop technology or software system customized for your corporation.

2- Petroleum and Gas station

We develop software management solution for your gasoline inventory and sale include your storage and backorder provide you satellite terminal include hardware software hand to hand security solution.

3- Pharmacy

LevelSpeed dedicated develop software solution for pharmacies small or large all cantonment. You can manage your medication inventory brand ,dates,input and output product all type. insellen dybatic and heart patient automatic text system recall reminder. Include blood storage blood bank nurses and doctor database patients/clients, prescription medication and non prescription medicine. Pharmacy will communicate with the customer for text reminder to do medication and warning. We already deliver this technology and provide to client corporate level in US Canada and Brazil.

4- Hospitals

Software technology we deliver to the hospitals. He can manage more efficiently easy and friendly and track each individual time in and out generate payroll and checks direct deposit to the employee bank account track consumer’s insurance and provide them a warning text and email system automatically. Tracking doctor and nurses and sycaterist and social workers and chaplain, casual and time tracking activity in the hospital in and out. Levelspeed software customized solution we treat our customer very respectively. We are flexible to work with each individual customer and client or company.

5- Government Official

Government institution include university, college, school and training academy. fire department , sensation department, environment protection transportation ground, air and sea. Power grid natural energy resources supply chain, food ministration. Election commission and voting system. Science and technology. health and hepadamic warning include text , email and phone call and through media. Earthquake, rain storm and river warning system. LevelSpeed develops this giant software system and technology individually one of your country. We meet your requirement include interface app.

6- UX/UI Design

LevelSpeed deliver and develop resources and technology for your need. Your company or individual we will deliver and design according to your application and requirement.User experience and user interface design for all types of websites, SaaS, and web/mobile apps. We combine the latest UI/UX trends with our customers’ individual goals and needs to deliver intuitive, vibrant, and impactful designs. We are fully licensed official company based on USA New York city. We guarantee our work our affiliation with various different companies include Microsoft , Canon,Nikon, Mitsubishi, Google, Sky Mexico ,IBM, Ebay , Time Warner, ecostar, We develop app and do maintenance for this company. We love to serve you or your company.

7- Web Applications

Being a web development company, we have built all sorts of web applications from online forms, workflows to whole management systems. We work on projects both big and small.

8- App Development

We develop app for your business. We have team over 300 people to provide you the best service quickly and possible.